Top 9 Best MITER SAW 2021 (And Why They Are Worth Buying)

If your miter saw cannot move accurately, a laser isn’t close at all too accurate, and the change doesn’t help or any issues with the cutting blades, and you felt your saw hard and loud. At that point, you know exactly how much time,

exertion, and dissatisfaction a real miter saw can save you. In the wake of testing numerous miter saws and taking individual reviews of expert specialists and homeowners from past one year we finished up a rundown of the best miter saw that would manage you that which miter saw will be the best for you.

Our Top Picks

Best MITER SAW 2021

      DEWALT Sliding Compound 

Budget Friendelly
Best MITER SAW 2021

      Metabo HPT 12-Inch Compound

Best Miter Saw 2021

The best miter saw can make short work of even calculated cuts, and it will do them efficiently and proficiently. In any case, there are some radical contrasts between miter saw models that you should know about before you pull the trigger and chop the opposition down to a solitary saw to add to your variety.

Miter saw cutting blades extend in size from 7¼ crawls to 12 inches. Best budget miter saws can be a little more than 20 pounds or as overwhelming as 60+ pounds. There are numerous factors to consider, and it’s essential to guarantee that the best miter saw you pick can play out the undertakings that you need it to. The accompanying nine reviews will think about a portion of our top choices.

List of Top Miter Saw of 2021

DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw4.9 out of 5 stars CHECK PRICE
DEWALT Miter Saw, 12-Inch, Double Bevel4.9 out of 5 stars CHECK PRICE
DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding 4.7 out of 5 stars CHECK PRICE
Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD 4.6 out of 5 stars CHECK PRICE
DEWALT 12-Inch Sliding 4.5 out of 5 stars CHECK PRICE
Metabo HPT 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw4.4 out of 5 stars CHECK PRICE
Metabo HPT 10" Compound Miter Saw4.4 out of 5 stars CHECK PRICE
Delta 10" Sliding Compound Miter Saw 26-2241 4.4 out of 5 stars CHECK PRICE
TACKLIFE Sliding Compound Miter Saw 12-Inch4.3 out of 5 stars CHECK PRICE

1: DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw, 12-Inch (DWS779) Best Overall

Best Miter Saw 2021

There’s a motivation behind why you’ll discover DEWALT devices in possession of numerous experts. Honestly, there are many reasons, and the DWS779 12-inch sliding compound miter saw shows every one of them. This is the

best miter saw for the beginners that equipped for all that you can envision and many things you’ve never thought of.


The DWS779 DeWALT  best miter saw for beginners is easy to utilize, pull the trigger and let the sharp blade get the opportunity to max throttle and quickly drop down to cut the board. The most significant board you could cut at 90 deg neatly is 13 3/4″,this is without the ‘exceptional arrangement’ to get a 15 3/4″ crosscut.

Miter Angle

Changing the miter point is straightforward, push down on the catch before the handle. The miter point can go up to 60 deg on the right side and 50 deg on the left that is quite liberal. The miter scale has advantageous detents (the scores) for regular edges. The little level on the catch will sidestep the detents. When the best budget miter saw is gone to the edge that you need to set it at, basically press the handle down to bolt it.

Bevel Angle

Altering the slanted point is likewise simple, just relax the incline lock handle and pivot to the edge wanted and straighten out the handle.

  • Slices blunder up to 2X16
  • 3-year guarantee
  • Amazing 15-amp engine
  • Twofold 45-degree slope
  • Residue assortment framework that works
  • Truly strong
  • Not modest


2: DEWALT Miter Saw, 12-Inch, Double Bevel, Compound, XPS Cutline, 15-Amp (DWS716XPS) – For the Money

Best Miter Saw 2021


Dewalt DWS716XPS best miter saw for the money has a rich list of capabilities comprising of extreme influence, rough sturdiness, high exactness, smooth execution. Incorporated XPS cut line, various positive stops, variations of cuts bolstered, lightweight structure and Portability.


The machine has a shading mix of dark, yellow, and dark. This trio gives a vibe of tastefulness to this miter saw. Your first consideration searcher is the brilliant yellow handle, sharp edge get together, and engine packaging. The base means quality. It comes in silver like metallic shading. Not many housings, connectors, and spreads seem dark.


The Dewalt DWS716 XPS best miter saw has two sections. One is the pre-gathered first get together, and the second is the additional instruments that should be collected. The way that the significant piece of this miter saw for the money comes amassed is a relief for some newbie’s, for whom get together is a significant issue. The wrenches, dust assortment bag, screws, clamps, and bolts are the additional adornments that should be collected expressly by the purchaser.


The Dewalt DWS716XPS accompanies a 15 amp super-power engine. This engine invigorates and potential for the flexible woodwork occupations. Presently whether it’s a straightforward crosscut or a multifaceted crown forming, this miter saw can do all. Because of the perfect quality engine, the sharp edge accomplishes speed as high as 3800 RPM.

  • Hyper-Sonic 3800 RPM sharp edge speed completes the woodwork with the flicker of an eye.
  • Miter detent plate improves the efficiency and precision of this miter saw.
  • Gearbox and belt drive gives streamlined cutting exactness.
  • The 49 lbs weight makes it lightweight and exceptionally convenient.
  • The constructed and introduction are simply faultless.
  • The on-board stockpiling is absent.
  • The residue assortment can be improved.
  • This miter saw can be costly for constrained spending clients.


3: DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw (DWS780) – Top Positive Review

Best Miter Saw 2021


Dewalt DWS780 is a 12-inch twofold angle sliding compound best miter saw 2020 or drop saw. For the individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea what the best miter saw is; it is a saw used to make exact cuts on a workpiece by manoeuvring a roundabout saw sharp blade down onto the board of wood. DeWalt DWS780 intended to make precise crosscuts, calculated cuts and miter cuts without hardly lifting a finger.

12-Inch Miter Saw

It isn’t just one of the most famous miter saws in the market yet additionally the most potent miter saws with an engine speed of around 3800 rpm. It is extreme, dependable and safe. This 12-inch miter saw has a brilliant-cut limit that makes it conceivable to deal with an enormous number of burden simultaneously. It is a perfect miter saw of both expert and somebody who is into genuine DIY ventures.

About Cuts

This specific best miter saw 2020 can be utilized to cut vertical angles and flat miter cuts simultaneously. It likewise has a cutting edge shadow include for exact cuts. Also, the sharp edge change is more straightforward than different models. This item accompanies a double rail sliding framework for stable crosscutting alongside the whole wooden board.

  • Double rail sliding framework
  • Can crosscut up to 14 crawls at 90°
  • Can miter slice up to 4″ x 8″ in a solitary go at 45°
  • As crosscut limit up to 16 inches.
  • Double slant include
  • Residue assortment framework.
  • Comes up short on a cutting aide


4: Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD – 15 Amp 12 Inch Corded Dual-Bevel Sliding Glide Miter Saw with 60

Best Miter Saw 2021

The Bosch-selective Axial-Glide offers more extensive crosscuts, improved arrangement and smooth float for the life of the device. The Bosch best cordless miters saw’s 15 Amp engine conveys no-heap paces of 3,800 RPM for quick, precise cuts in numerous materials. For included comfort and flexibility, the saw is good with an assortment of 12 Inch cutting edges, and it has a reasonable drop defence to give unhindered cut-line perceivability.

All Metal

The GCM12SD furnishes simple changes with forthright incline and miter controls and detents at the regular blade. The best cordless miter saw’s all-metal incline lock switch and range selector are situated in advance to make angle alterations simple.


This Bosch Dual-Bevel Glide best miter saw miters 52 degrees to one side and 60 degrees to one side for compromising joins. The slanted edge of up to 47 degrees in either heading is valuable for rooftop pitches. Detents at preset stretches for both mitring and inclining let you set it to ordinarily utilized points ceaselessly to gauge. The scales are anything but difficult to peruse for accommodation and accuracy. Its residue assortment framework makes up for lost time to 90 per cent of all particles to keep the air clear.

  • Bosch 12-inch Dual-Bevel Glide miter saw accompanies sharp edge, brace and residue sack
  • Residue assortment gets 90 per cent of all things considered
  • Angles 47 degrees in the two bearings
  • Miter and slant detents let you cut without estimating
  • Heaviest saw in the rundown
  • Some locate the manual hard to follow


5: DEWALT 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw (DWS709)

Best Miter Saw 2021

Before buying your fantasy Miter Saw, it would be attractive on the off chance that you read this Dewalt DWS709 review, which can give you the first bits of knowledge on what any expert evaluation miter saw offers.

12 Inch Miter Saw

As the DeWalt DWS709 is a sliding compound best 12-inch Miter Saw, it’s ready to give preferable usefulness over the standard compound miter saws. Notwithstanding, you must be a regular client to have the option to use it viably. This best miter Saw will effectively serve for everything except for the most precise of activities. You can utilize it on crown forming, trim, step tracks, and different activities with no complaints.


Useful extras from the DEWALT DWS709 incorporates Blade Wrench, Carbide Blade, and Material Clamp. Alongside that, there’s additionally a residue bag to gather the other wreck from your working territory, which is a particularly favourable position at this value level.


The 12-inch miter saw’s base produced using high, versatile hardened steel, which makes it precise and stable. Inside the bottom is the place the miter detent plate is deliberately positioned with legitimate adjustment, which shows its 13 positive stops.

  • An incredible engine
  • Consistent incline modifications
  • Lightweight for simple convenience
  • Fine crosscutting ranges
  • Helpless residue assortment
  • No lashes accessible
  • The force is deficient


6: Metabo HPT 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw, Laser Marker System, Double Bevel, 15-Amp Motor, Tall Pivoting Aluminum Fence, 5 Year Warranty (C12FDHS)

Best Miter Saw 2021

This Metabo HPT double angle sliding miter saw for the homeowner has a minimized slide framework that permits the saw head to slide along fixed rails, taking out the requirement for back leeway. It is furnished with a ground-breaking 15 an engine to handle strong eliminating positions quickly, and its laser marker framework expands cutting precision.


It has a 0 to 57° miter blade to one side and 0 to 45° to one side for adaptability. The 0 to 45° slant blade range to one side and left permits, clients, to rapidly and effectively flip the saw cutting blade and leave the material set up. It has positive stops and signs on the miter and slope scale, for simple to understand estimations and fast settings.

Carbon Brush

A carbon brush in the best miter saw for homeowner gets to permits the client to supplant the brush varying to draw out device life extraordinarily. The vertical handle with delicate, vibration decreasing elastomer grasp includes solace and control. This item accompanies a 5-year guarantee.

Weight and Design

The C12FDHS is lightweight (40.7 lbs.) and furnished with the new primary and minimized slide structure. This slide framework diminishes the impression of the best cheap miter saw up to a foot, empowering saw to sit about flush against a divider or on a seat without trading off the scope of development.

  • Necessary and smaller slide framework permits the saw head to slide along fixed rails, for zero back leeway
  • Marker framework expands cutting precision
  • Gives higher permeability and a more secure workplace in low light circumstances
  • Can be somewhat confused to work at first


7: Metabo HPT 10″ Compound Miter Saw | Laser Marker | 15-Amp Motor | Single Bevel (C10FCH2S)

Best Miter Saw 2021

The C10FCE2 is a good and flexible best value miter saw that gives precise and smooth crosscuts and miters in a full scope of materials, for example, wood, embellishing boards, pressed wood, hardboard, just as aluminium slices with the right edge.


A ground-breaking 15-amp engine that can convey a speed as high as 5,000 RPM to handle the most demanding cutting undertakings and guarantee easy, smooth cuts. A residue gathering pack to ensure the inside parts of the best value miter saw are kept soil-free. An elastomer holds to guarantee insignificant vibration and most extreme client comfort. It is famous among skilled workers as it is lightweight for a miter saw and vigorously fueled.


This 10-inch best-rated miter saw includes a 15 Ampere incredible engine, vibration diminishing even handle and a laser checking framework. The best-rated miter saw joins a 10-inch TCT Saw Blade, rotating flip fence, dust sack, bad habit get together, 10mm Box wrench, 4mm Hex Bar Wrench and material help expansion.

  • It is secured with a multi-year guarantee by Hitachi
  • Its huge table empowers you to deal with the material better, bringing about better, more exact cuts
  • Lightweight and compact
  • A few clients announced the directions on the manual can be difficult to follow


8: Delta 10″ Sliding Compound Miter Saw 26-2241

Best Miter Saw 2021

One of the most momentous miter saws open accessible at a severe expense is the DEWALT, which is ideal for cutting through a grouping of materials, for instance, wood, plastic, and metal with most extraordinary exactness. The features this mechanical assembly has licenses it to deal with the firm and high volume tasks.


A 15-amp motor with a speed of 3,800 RPM for widened quality and power. Customizable rate to satisfy the requirements of your cutting tasks. Twofold point sliding system that makes the miter saw suitable for business workshop applications.


The features these saw recommendations at the cost point is the essential inspiration driving why such a noteworthy number of people choose it. Besides being a spending pleasant mechanical assembly, this sliding miter saw doesn’t settle on the idea of cuts.


How this machine is so standard to work makes it one of the most preferred sliding miter saws for beginners. Not only would you have the option to learn and pro the forte of stirring it anyway keeping up it is easy also.

  • Simple to work
  • Changing the cutting edges is quick and straightforward
  • An assortment of sharp edges are perfect with this plan
  • It doesn’t have a LED direct
  • A portion of its segments are made of plastic


9: TACKLIFE Sliding Compound Miter Saw 12-Inch, 15-Amp, 3800rpm, Double-Bevel Cut (- 45°-0°-45°) with Laser Guide, Extensible Table, Dust Bag, 40T 305mm Blade for Wood Cut – PMS03A

Best Miter Saw 2021

It is the best miter saw DIY twofold slope cutting setup licenses you to change the head to left 45°and right 45°to meet unmistakable cutting wood, plastic tubing and fragile metal. Fused laser obliged by a single switch, meaning the cutting line, aching sawing workpieces.


With 15 Amp Motor and full-size execution at 3800 RPM, Tacklife sliding compound best miter saw DIY gives unbelievable, smoother, speedier cutting. The rigging of sensitive handle cutting handle and base edge change handle for included comfort. Sliding design can grow cutting versatility and incorporate cutting width.

Vacuum Cleaner

Helpful buildup pack can assemble over 70% of the buildup made. The 35 mm dust port licenses you to connect a vacuum cleaner with achieving the ideal 100% buildup combination, keeping the earth clean.

Sharp Blade

The 305mm 40-tooth TCT reliable, sharp blade is ideal for cutting wood, plastic tubing and sensitive metal. Furnished with Allen wrench, the side can be viably changed. The wide worktable offers better material assistance during movement, and the pair are supporting structure ensures the prosperity of the workpiece, considering more secure cutting assignments.

  • Extraordinary exactness for slope and miter changes
  • Zero play
  • Fabricate quality
  • Residue pack isn’t the best
  • The slider can stick if not kept up


Miter Saw Buying Guide for 2021

This short purchaser’s guide will assist you with slicing through the advertising to figure out what highlights and usefulness you need.

Sharp Blade Size

The littlest sharp blade on this rundown is 7¼ inches while the biggest is 12 inches. In the middle of these two sizes are saws with a 10-inch sharp edge. Yet, a 12-inch sharp blade doesn’t imply that a saw can cut a 12-inch full bit of wood. Most 12-inch saws will slice through a 2×8, yet some are constrained to a 2×6. Littler was cutting edges typically have a shorter reach, so a 10-inch blade will commonly just have the option to slice through a 2×6 except if the saw highlights sliding rails.

Varieties of Saw Cutting Blades

A more significant cutting blade can likewise cut thicker material, yet this additionally relies upon exactly how high the sharp blade lifts. Each observed has a most extreme standing stature that it can slice through. This is significant for trim work especially, where you may need to stand up a bit of baseboard vertically to cut your mitered end.

Sliding Rails

Cutting blade size affects what size wood you can cut, yet it’s by all account, not the only factor. A few saws include a rail framework that permits the sharp edge to slide forward and in reverse, expanding the width of timber that it can cut. The absolute best 12-inch saws with sliding rails can accomplish a 16-inch since quite a while ago cut, so you can cut great pieces with your miter saw.

Size, Weight, and Portability

If your saw carries on with such a day to day existence, at that point, you may not mind how massive or substantial it is. A little, lighter saw could be a good bit of leeway. A portion of the 12-inch saws we tried weighed almost 90 pounds. Be that as it may, a portion of the smaller saws weighed under 30 pounds. This is substantially more sensible for transportation, so if you realize you’ll be moving your saw around a great deal, we recommend searching for a lighter, more conservative miter saw.


A large portion of the significant apparatus makers spread their devices for quite a while. For example, DEWALT covers its apparatuses for a long time. Metabo HTP guarantees its devices for a great five years. Whichever course you go, ensure that you keep an eye on the guarantee time frame from the maker so you realize how long your apparatus will be shrouded if there should arise an occurrence of unintentional harm.


We reviewed short reviews looking at every one of our top picks so you can get the advantages of such testing without going through such a lot of cash. At long last, our preferred generally was the DEWALT DWS779 12-inch sliding compound miter saw. This beast can slice wood up to 16 inches wide, has a residue assortment framework that works, slopes to the two sides, and is ensured by the DEWALT three-year guarantee.

On the less expensive side of the range, the Metabo HTP C10FCGS was our pick for the best worth. It’s very reasonable, lightweight, and simple to ship, and is secured by probably the best guarantee in the business. In any case, when you wouldn’t fret burning up all available resources for the most elite, the Bosch GCM12SD is top dog. This 12-inch sliding miter saw is fabricated like a tank and highlights a 14-inch cutting limit, slide-out backings, and a vacuum connection to help downplay the sawdust.


What would you be able to do with a miter saw?

A miter saw can be utilized to cut straight cuts over the surface and on the substance of the workpiece. To be more exact, you can use a miter saw to do crosscuts, miter cuts, angle cuts and a blend of crosscut and slant or miter and incline cuts.

What is the contrast between a single angle and a twofold bevel miter saw?

Single Bevel

Single slant compound miter saw can play out any precise cuts; however will make a slant cut distinctly a solitary way, either right or left. Along these lines, on the off chance that you need to cut the other way, you have to flip your workpiece or on the off chance that your workpiece to massive, move the whole miter saw.

Twofold Bevel

A double slant saw will permit you to make slope cuts in the two headings, so you don’t need to flip your work. This profoundly advantageous when you need to make a lot of slant cuts in the two bearings on a single workpiece.

What amount can a 10-inch miter saw cut?

The size of the stock you can cut relies on the point of cut. The standard 10-inch miter saw will reduce the accompanying size.

  • Crosscut at 90-degree point: Up to 5.5 inches wide. Or on the other hand 2 x 6 wood.
  • Miter cut at 45-degree point: 2 x 4 timber.
  • Pressed wood: 10 miter saw can cut thickness until 1.25 inches down.

12 Inch saw the cutting size 

A 12-inch miter saw will cut as wide as 7.5 creeps up to a thickness of 3.5 inches. That implies you can without much of a stretch cut a 2 x 6 timber at 45 degrees and cut a 2 x 8 wood at 90-degree crosscut.